Lydgate Management

Craft & Gift Fairs

Do you provide table and chairs?
Unless you tell us otherwise, your space will be defined for you and will contain a table and two chairs.
Can I bring another small table, or a hanging rail, or other method of extending my space?
Only if you ask first - there will usually be an extra charge for extra space used - the venue charge us the same fee whether we have 20 tables of six feet, or 10 tables of twelve feet. We simply cannot afford to give away space we could sell...
Is there electricity available?
Usually yes, but please request this on your booking form.
Can I leave the event early if I am not doing very well?
We cannot force you to stay, however, packing up early is very disrespectful to your colleagues as the entire venue looks untidy whilst people are packing. We do understand that it can be hard work if you have not sold much, but you can be certain that you will sell nothing if your goods are packed away. You have paid for six hours selling time - why would you not want to use it. We have had many many instances of the last few visitors being really great customers.
How many visitors do you expect to get?
We have absolutely no idea!! If we knew such information in advance, we would not bother running the company, we would just buy next weeks winning lottery ticket. We will always tell you how many visitors have previously attended events at the same venue, but there are so many variables outside our control that it would be wrong to use historical figures as a guide.
There were not enough visitors/the wrong kind of visitors came/it was not what I expected - can I have a refund?
No. All of these statements really mean the same - I did not sell as much as I had hoped. We make no promise as to number of visitors or how much (if anything) they will spend. We will do all we can to get a good flow of visitors through the event - it is much easier for us to have happy stallholders who rebook (as about 80% do) rather than having to find new stallholders each week. Incidentally, at one event where over 3,300 visitors attended during the six hours, we had one stallholder complain that it was 'a bit quiet' and that she had not done well. The comment about 'it was not what I expected' came from a clairvoyant! We really are not sure what 'the wrong kind of visitor' is, but we have been told this by one stallholder.
I booked the event some months ago, but my circumstances have changed - can I have a refund?
No. All bookings are final. The venue will charge us the same whether or not you are there.
The weather was bad so I could not get to the event - can I have a refund?
No. In the UK we have variable weather. If you do not like to travel during winter weather, perhaps you would be best not to book a winter event. The venue will charge us the same whether you are there or not. The only exception to this is if the venue cancels the event due to the weather and refunds us. You may not get a full refund - we have other costs such as insurance and often staff wages that still need to be covered.