Lydgate Management

Craft & Gift Fairs


Please note that we have sufficient 'regular' stallholders selling jewellery at all our events. We do not need any more jewellery sellers thank you.
We try to have a wide variety of crafts and gifts represented at all our events to give maximum variety for our visitors.
All our events are open to all comers (unless otherwise marked). We do accept duplicates of all types of stall, but we reserve the right to stop accepting applications from a particular stall type when we think we have enough. We will always answer honestly if we are asked how many of a particular stall type are booked into an event.
All events are priced according to the fee the venue charges us, so costs do vary from venue to venue – we do pass on discounts we get from venues for repeat bookings so there may be times when the cost of an event will go down!
All Events have our Lydgate Signatures - we take our responsibility for ensuring you get as many customers very seriously. We run many events and want to see as many stallholders as possible re-book into future events - much better for us than having to attract a whole new set of stallholders each week!
  • All our venues are especially chosen to be in areas of high footfall - lets face it, many purchases are on 'impulse' - you miss out on these implulse purchasers if all atendees have to make a conscious decision to attend the event - much better that we 'catch' as many passers by as we can!
  • Unless our venues tell us otherwise, we have tasteful but eye catching banners to attract attention outside the building. We have to respect that some (not many) venues do not allow such advertising on their buildings.
  • All our events are managed by a dedicated Event Manager. Our event manager will show you to your predefined table or space, tell you where you can park, be on hand all day to answer any questions and ensure the event runs smoothly.
  • Unless specified otherwise, all our Saturday events are open to the public from 10:00 until 16:00 - six hours of selling time. Sunday times do vary from venue to venue due to local conditions - please refer to the factsheet we send before every event, but even on a Sunday there is at least 5 hours selling time.
We do ask that stallholders stay for the entire event please - not to do so is disrespectful to your colleagues, and to your event manager.
Please be aware that despite our best efforts we cannot control how many people visit the event, neither can we be responsible for what (if anything) any visitors choose to buy. We will not offer refunds if in your opinion you have not sold what you would have wished. Please take a few minutes to research the venue if your product is influenced by demographics and choose your venue accordingly.
We consider all bookings to be final and do not issue refunds under normal circumstances, and in no circumstances will refunds be issued with less than a week to go before the event.